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Awesome Drums
Pro Mark Sticks

Pro Mark

ProMark Millennium II American Hickory Sticks Available;

2B Wood or Nylon Tips
5A Wood or Nylon Tips
5B Wood or Nylon Tips
7A Wood Tips
7A New Generation with Wood Tips
707 Nylon Tips
747 Rock Wood Tips
747B Super Rock Wood or Nylon Tips
DC-3S Wood Tips
DC-9 Wood Tips (not shown, but can be photographed if asked)
DC-10 Wood Tips (sold out)

ProMark Signature Series
Carter Beauford 5AB Wood Tips
Mike Portnoy 420 Nylon Tips, writing in burgundy
Simon Phillips 707 Wood Tips

We also have ProMark Wire Brushes on the ETC page

All ProMark Sticks are $5.50